Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playgroup Halloween Party

Every year our playgroup does a Halloween party. All of the kids come dressed in their costume. We bring special treats. And the kids go around the school trick or treating. It's so much fun. And such a great way to gauge how your child might react to trick or treating. I think CJ's going to do just fine this year. He was very into it. He's not crazy about his costume. Although the robe does seem to be growing on him. The crown I'm afraid does not stay on for very long.

King CJ ready to go address his loyal subjects

A little playdough break

Our friends Ron and Hunter working on the craft

Hunter the Goblin

Mia the Tinkerbell

Mia, Hunter, and Andre

CJ reading some books

The king and his dragon

CJ playing with Hunter again

Time to Trick or Treat

Getting treats from Dr. Lussier

Up to the office to get some treats from Mrs. Muesel

Can't forget treats from Mr. Huber. Mr. Huber wanted to borrow CJ's king costume

Snack time. CJ stuffing his face with a cookie

Hunter enjoying a cupcake

Hahahaha, a cupcake

Can I shove this whole thing in my mouth?