Thursday, October 1, 2009

How do you know you're the mother of a boy?

...When you duck and cover during diaper changes

...When you have to clean off the walls after the baby walked around the house naked before his bath

...When all you step over in your living room are blocks, cars, and legos

...When you're driving down the street in your car and the little voice in the back continues to say car, truck, or bus whenever he sees another vehicle

...When it's garbage pick up day and you find yourself anxiously anticipating the arrival of the ever amazing garbage truck

...When you put clean clothes on him and instantly he is covered in mud, marker, or food and you are changing him all over again

...When on your walk back home from dropping his sisters off at school you just have to stop and watch the bulldozer dig up the yard across the street

Never in my wildest dreams did I think a truck would become such a wonderful exciting thing to watch. But when you're watching it through the eyes of your very excited little boy a bulldozer is actually very interesting.