Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Did you think I forgot?

My promise to keep reminding you about my My Birthday Wish? Well, I did not! Frank is still over there waiting out the 10 day wait period. That should be up on Friday. And then the fun will begin for him. The mad dash to get birth certificates, passports, and medical records and clearance. All in anticipation of bringing his little girl home to their anxiously awaiting Mom, Grandma, and brothers and sister. Funds are still making it difficult though. So please chip in on my side bar whatever you can to make this all happen before Christmas. We want Kellsey home where she belongs. Home where she can get proper medical care. Home where she can get constant love and hugs and kisses. Home where she can get spoiled rotten. Home where she can have thousands of pictures and videos of her taken just the way any little princess would want it to be. Home where she'll have two older sisters to play dolls with and an older brother to tickle her and a little brother who will surely look up to her in complete amazement. Home into a loving mother's arms. Lets give her all of this. Wouldn't you want a place like this if you didn't have it? Don't you want this sweet little angel faced girl to have that?