Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week In Review: November 15 - November 21, 2009

Here is this weeks Week In Review for November 15 - November 21, 2009

Sunday: Got up and everyone was still sleeping. So I did some blogging. Then the kids got up. Got them breakfast. Joe got up and got ready for work. He left. Me and the kids were just hanging out. I fed them lunch. Put CJ down for a nap. Really didn't do much of anything. Joe came home from work. CJ woke up from his nap. I washed some dishes. I did a few loads of laundry. After dinner I put CJ in the tub for a bath. Sent the girls to take a shower. Put them all to bed. Finished up the laundry. Watched TV with Joe. Took a shower and went to bed.

Monday: I woke up early. I wasn't feeling too well. My stomach was a little funny. Not terrible just not really feeling right. The kids got up. I counted some money to get ready for a deposit I needed to make. Got the kids all ready for school. Joe brought them. I got CJ dressed. Shortly after Joe came home we went to bring CJ to the doctor for his iron recheck. We were there for a while just trying to get some information we needed for the lead tests we had done. The doctor does want us to get the apartment checked. Natalie's lead was 3, Kaitlyn's was 4, and CJ's recheck with the finger stick was 3.4. So they all do have lead in their system. Not really something they worry too much about, but given the state of our apartment the doctor would like us to have our landlord fix the problem. So we got the phone number for the CT DPH Lead Program. Left the doctor's office and went to the store to get something for Joe to make for dinner. Came home and had lunch and put CJ down for his nap. Then I waited for the school to call me to tell me that our fundraiser was in so I could go pay for it. Spent the afternoon at the school handing out fundraisers until 6:00. Joe came to pick the girls up. Went home and had dinner. Got the kids ready for bed. Sent them to bed. Then Joe and I watched some TV. I was so exhausted though that I fell asleep. Got up and got ready for bed and went to bed.

Tuesday: Got up early. Called the cable company to pay a bill I forgot to pay. Went and took a shower. Checked on the kids progress in getting ready. My friend dropped her kids off for me to bring them to school for her so she could take her boyfriend to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. I got all seven kids together and out the door to walk to the school. Walked them there and walked back minus five kids. Came home and CJ played with his friend while I swept the kitchen floor. Then I did some things on the computer and my friend arrived to pick up her son. They left and CJ seemed lost. He had a fit. I calmed him down and then fed him lunch and he fell asleep in his high chair. So I put him down for a nap. Made a few phone calls and just hung around. CJ got up from his nap and we headed out to pick the kids up from school. I had to get a few fundraisers out of the closet to hand out. We handed out some flyers for our McDonald's night tonight. I picked up one of my friends kids. Got my kids. Gave the fundraisers to people. And then we walked home. Got the kids started on homework. Waited for Joe to come back with my friends other child who got out at 4. They stayed for about half an hour playing and then their dad came and got them. They left and the kids finished up their homework and we left for our schools McDonald's night. Got there just before 5 when it began. Waited until we could order to go towards our fundraiser. Stayed there for the whole 3 hours chatting with people and monitoring the ice cream topping table and of course eating our own dinner. We had a nice turn out. The person who usually runs it was not there and left people in charge who had no clue, but it all worked out. I did have to get a correction on the amount of money we earned. They shorted us $100, but I got that taken care of. Came home and got the kids ready for bed and sent them off to bed. Then Joe and I stayed up watching some TV before going to bed ourselves.

Wednesday: Got up and got the kids ready for school. Went to playgroup with CJ. Had to get a fundraiser out of the closet for someone. Then I got a phone call while at playgroup from another parent about wanting to pick up their fundraiser. They were able to come right then so I went and got her fundraiser out of the closet too. She came and picked it up. We finished at playgroup and left to go to the grocery store. Got some groceries and came home and put them away. Fed CJ lunch and put him down for a nap. Then I just hung around the house. The phone rang and it was another fundraiser person. Arranged for a pick up for him, but realized we didn't actually have a fundraiser for him. Hmmm. Went to the school to pick up the kids. Talked to my PTA VP and the person who was supposed to show up to get the fundraiser that we didn't have didn't end up showing up. Maybe he realized that someone else had picked it up? Lets hope. Came home and got the kids started on homework. Cleaned up the kitchen and the living room. Some friends came over to put a new power source in our computer. Then they left and I cooked dinner. We ate dinner. The girls cleaned their rooms and then played a Nintendo game before they were sent to bed. Joe and I watched TV. I fell asleep. Joe woke me up because he dropped a glass and needed to vacuum. I got ready for bed. We went to bed.

Thursday: Got woken up by my phone ringing at 5:30 in the morning. I have no idea who it was. Tried to go back to sleep, but our upstairs neighbors were making noise. So I tossed and turned for the next hour and a half or so. Joe had to get up and go to work early. I got up shortly after he left. The kids had trouble getting going for some reason this morning. So I kept having to push them to get ready. We left the house and walked to school. Got them to school and came back home. Just hung out with CJ for the morning. Fed him lunch and put him down for a nap. Then I went and took a shower. I cleaned up the kitchen. Then went to get the girls from school. There was some drama in the parking lot so I hung around to see that it got resolved. Then I was chatting with some friends before I finally headed home. Got the kids going with their homework. Then we brought the kids over our friend's house to watch while Joe and I went to a meeting for newly identified gifted children. After the meeting we went back to pick up the kids. They were finishing up dinner at our friend's house. We hung around for a little while and then left for me and Joe to get something to eat. We got a pizza and came home and put the kids to bed and ate our dinner. We watched some TV and then went to bed.

Friday: Got up early. Got the kids ready for school. I brought the girls to school and then got ready to start popping popcorn. Spent the morning at school selling popcorn and handed out a fundraiser. Then I came home. Joe had to leave for work shortly after that so I brought him to work. Came home and CJ didn't want lunch so I put him to bed. I had something to eat and counted the popcorn money and cleaned up the living room. Then I got CJ up from his nap and went to pick the girls up from school. I asked Natalie's teacher if we could have a conference next week. She said we could do it now. So I got Kaitlyn and went up to Natalie's classroom. Natalie has been getting discouraged with her writing in her "Reading Response Journal" which is letters she writes to her teacher each week about what she has been reading. So Natalie hasn't been pleased with her 90's she's been getting lately on this because well you know a 90 isn't a good grade in the mind of a student used to getting 100's. I've been explaining to Natalie that her teacher is pushing her. Which is exactly what she told me she was doing. And I'm glad she's giving her a challenge. So she talked to Natalie about it and explained to her that she knows she can do this which is why she expects more of her. I think she got a better idea of just what her teacher expects out of these letters and better yet I know just what she wants so I can help her accomplish this. We left the school and went to the store. Got Joe and came home. Figured out dinner. Ate and the kids played while I caught up on some things on the computer and Joe watched TV. Then we put CJ to bed and the girls stayed up a little while watching TV with us. Then we sent them to bed. I washed a load of laundry. Wrote my Nintendo Wii video game review. Watched some TV. And went to bed very late.

Saturday: The kids slept in which meant I got to sleep in. Good too since at 5:30 a.m. someone was outside our window screaming that they fell and hurt their ankle or something. They were very loud. It didn't last too long. At least not that I know of by the time I heard it. I was thinking maybe I should call an ambulance or something for this person, but then it stopped. Got up and cleaned up a little. Got the kids breakfast. Played around on the computer. Joe went to work. I just hung out at home with the kids. Fed them some lunch. Put CJ down for a nap. I laid down on the couch and fell asleep. CJ got up so I got him out of his crib. Washed dishes and started dinner. Joe got home from work and we ate dinner. After dinner I was very crampy so I laid down on the couch. Joe got CJ ready for bed and put him to bed. The girls stayed up a little later. I brushed Kaitlyn's hair and then she brushed mine. Then we sent them to bed. CJ wasn't really going to sleep and we couldn't figure out why until we realized the girls light was on. So we had to break up the little party and get everyone to just go to sleep. Joe and I stayed up. Playing around on the computer and watching TV.

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