Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still time for my Birthday Wish

Remember my Birthday Wish? Well you can still make my wish come true. You have until December 1st. So I'm going to continue posting about this. And let me just show you why this is so very important to me:

Renee and Frank got to meet their beautiful little girl face to face yesterday. Look at how happy they all are. Lets make it possible for them to bring her home to meet her four other siblings. There's Kassidy who's 10 today, Kameron who turned 8 yesterday, Kennedy who's 5 and also has Down Syndrome, and Keeghan who's 2. Kellsey will make a wonderful addition to this family. I can't wait to see a family portrait of all 7 of them together. So please help make this possible for them. The "chip in" button is on my sidebar. Any donation is greatly appreciated. Lets bring Kellsey home!