Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Help the Garcia's have a Happy Thanksgiving

Well, tomorrow is turkey day! A day to give thanks. We all have so much to be thankful for. Why not spread the cheer?

My friend Renee is still short of the money she needs for her adoption of Kellsey. Things are moving right along though. The 10 day wait is over. Frank has gotten Kellsey's birth certificate. The paperwork is being filed with the court for her tax ID or something like that. The hope is that all the paperwork goes through smoothly and she gets her visa and passport quickly and can be home next week!!! They still could use some extra funding though to help make this happen. I know Renee and her whole family are so thankful for every dollar that has been donated. So tomorrow when Renee and the kids sit down to their dinner and say what they are thankful for I know your donations will be amongst those things she's thankful for. So please make this a happy Thanksgiving for this family and donate whatever you can to bring Kellsey home. You can chip in on my side bar. This is all I've wished for for my birthday too so if you can help get them a little closer I'll be thanking you over my turkey tomorrow too ;).