Friday, November 20, 2009

McTeacher's Night

Tuesday night we had the first of two McTeacher's Nights. A fundraiser at McDonald's where for 3 hours 15% of all proceeds go towards our school. We get people from the school to come out. The teachers and staff come and we flood McDonald's with a bunch of O'Connell School students, parents, teachers, and staff. We had a nice turn out. Unfortunately our new Vice Principal did not see fit to come, but our old Vice Principal did which I thought was nice. We managed to raise $356 for our school. So a good night. And it was filled with lots of fun and great memories.

Natalie with whip cream on her face after we pushed her face into her icecream


Kaitlyn pretending to eat with her friends

I managed to catch Kaitlyn while she was running around playing

The principal eating his dinner and chatting it up with a preschooler

A very angry Natalie because she got caught walking on the chairs and she was punished

So see what fun. Well, except for the punishment in the restaurant. It's always so hard when other children do things that I never in a million years would expect my children to do. Natalie did get to get up after her punishment and continue to have a good time with her friends. Only after promising she wouldn't do it again. That was hard for the stubborn girl to do though which was why the face in that picture ;).